Technology makes everything in life easier — oral care is no exception. Today, dentists use technology for preventive care & dental procedures. Tooth cleaning technology in the form of Dbruz Sonic Toothbrush is an excellent addition to dental care routine.

Our Story

Dbruz believes that everyone deserves clean, fresh, and perfect dental health. We started off as a dental care products company. We’ve been serving the dental industry for quite a long time now.

Being related to the dental industry, we were striving to introduce a technology-based solution that could replace the conventional method of the daily dental care routine. After a deep research & development process, we were able to produce our sonic toothbrush that is powerful yet gentle to teeth.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; we want to deliver high-quality dental care products at a minimal price. We believe that everyone should have perfect dental health, so we provide the best dental care products.

Our Values

Our core values define us. We believe that core values build or destroy a company. Our business thrives on strong consumer-centric values, which’s why we are prospering leaps and bounds.


Our values are the foundation and building blocks of our organization; they influence our working, customer support, and engagement with stakeholders. Our engineers, technicians, designers, top-leadership, and all other team members put their 100% energy in producing high-quality products at affordable prices. 


Innovation is among our top values. We’ll never forget that we are a result of a comprehensive research & development process. With constant innovation, we strive to produce the best dental care products to brighten your smile more & more.


Our core values are consumer-centric, which include:


  • Organization above self
  • Customer-first always
  • Respect for diversity
  • Trust
  • High-standards
  • Shared ownership

Our Team, Our Strength 

We are pleased to have a growing team of highly professional & qualified experts. We work in close collaboration to produce strong ideas and powerful products. We are passionate & determine and share a common goal. Our goal is to satisfy the customers.


We have a relaxing work environment, which lets us produce the best possible results.